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As a vital means for Port States to ensure compliance with international conventions, Port State Control (PSC) plays a crucial role in Flag State implementation and eliminating the operations of substandard ships.

With more amendments to international conventions coming into force in recent years, PSC has been significantly intensified and gained increasing acceptance worldwide. Its scope has been expanded from ship hardware to ship operations and management, and its inspections from ship safety and pollution prevention to ship security and Long Range Identification & Tracking (LRIT).

As a Category A member of the IMO Council and a signatory to the Tokyo MoU, China strictly performs its Port State obligations, supervises foreign ships in Chinese waters, and promotes compliance with international conventions among Flag States through PSC.

As a signatory to various maritime conventions, China faithfully fulfills its Flag State responsibilities, exercises jurisdiction and control over China-flagged ships, and works to ensure Chinese fleets’ compliance with international conventions. In recent years, the China MSA has adopted the risk management concept and taken efficient and effective steps to eliminate the operations of substandard ships. As a result, the overall quality of Chinese fleets has been enhanced, and the PSC record of China-flagged ships has been substantially improved, allowing Chinese fleets to establish a good reputation in the international maritime sector.