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Procedures of Entrusted Safety Management System Audit andCertification for Foreign-Related Shipping Companies

ChapterⅠGeneral Provisions

Article 1 In accordance with relevant regulations,the Procedures are formulated with a view to regulating entrusted audit and certification for foreign-related shipping companies (hereinafter referred to as shipping companies), promoting international cooperation in the safety management system audit and maritime safety.

Article 2 The procedures apply to maritime administrations of other countries or regions (hereinafter referred to as entrusting parties ) entrusting Maritime Safety Administration of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the consignee) to conduct safety management system audit and certification for shipping companies.

Article 3 Communication channels shall be established between the entrusting party and the consignee.

Chapter II Application for Entrusted Audit and Certification

Article 4 Following documents shall be provided to the consignee:

4.1 certification/endorsement application by shipping company,

4.2 letter of entrustment,

4.3 copy of DOC (if applicable),

4.4 basic information of shipping company,

4.5 safety operation in the previous year,

4.6 other safety operation information.

The letter of entrustment can be provided in original, by fax or email.

Article 5 The entrusting party may propose special requirements.

Article 6 The consignee shall require the entrusting party to verify the relevant documents provided by shipping company.

Article 7 After receiving letter of entrustment and documents, the consignee shall check for compliance, decide to accept the entrustment or not, and notify the entrusting party and shipping company.