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Approved List of Insurers

China Shipowners Mutual Assurance Association

People’s Insurance Company of China

Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd

China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd

China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation

Sunshine Insurance Group Corporation Limited

Minan Property and Casualty Insurance Company Limited

Taiping Insurance Company Ltd.

Generali China Insurance CO., LTD.(just for ships of China National Petroleum Corporation)

Assuranceforeningen Gard Gjensidig/Gard P.﹠I.(Bermuda)Ltd.

The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association (Bermuda) Limited

The United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association

The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Limited

The London Steam Ship Owners Mutual Insurance Association Limited

Assuranceforeningen SKULD (Gjensidig)

West of England Insurance Services (Luxembourg) S.A.

The Swedish Club

North of England P﹠I Association Limited

The Shipowners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association (Luxembourg)

American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association, Inc.

The Japan Ship Owners’ Mutual Protection ﹠Indemnity Association