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Regulations on the Quality Management of Seafarer Management of the People’s Republic of China

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 The Regulations are developed in accordance with Regulations on Seafarer of the People’s Republic of Chinaand relevant international conventions.


Article 2 The Regulations apply to the establishment, implementation, audit and certification of the quality management system (hereinafter referred to as QMS) for the seafarer management of maritime safety administrations (hereinafter referred to as MSAs).

The above-mentioned seafarer management covers seafarer registration, training, examination, certification, service, competency follow-up management and Medical Certificate management etc.


Article 3 The MSAs performing seafarer management shall establish and implement seafarer management QMS in accordance with The Regulations, and shall pass the audit conducted by China MSA and bring their seafarer management under the continuous control of QMS in order to meet the established objectives.


Article 4 China MSA is the competency authority for the implementation of The Regulations.

Chapter II General Requirements of QMS

Article 5 Quality Policy and Quality Objectives

MSAs shall set its quality policy and quality objectives while establishing seafarer management QMS. Quality policy is the general quality purpose and direction of seafarer management which shall be consistent with the general policy of MSA. Quality objectives are the aims for seafarer management in quality management, which shall conform to the quality policy and be measurable.


Article 6 Responsibility, Authority and Communication

MSAs shall set the responsibilities and authorities concerning seafarer management within their organizations. Responsibilities, limits of authority and interrelations shall be clearly defined and documented for all related departments and posts which manage, implement and verify seafarer management activities. Appropriate processes shall be developed to communicate the effectiveness of the QMS.

Top management of MSAs shall promote the establishment, implementation and continuous improvement of the QMS and guarantee the essential resources for the continuous and effective operation of the QMS.

Top management shall appoint a designated person from its top management circle who, irrespective of other responsibilities, shall have responsibilities and authorities as following:

(i) responsibilities ofmanagingthe establishment, implementation and continuous improvement of the QMS;

(ii) reporting to top management regardingthe operation and improvement of the QMS; and

(iii) taking effective measures for promoting personnelquality awareness.


Article 7 Human Resources

MSAs shall establish documented procedures for the control over staffing, employment, training and evaluation of personnel within the QMS, to ensure:

(i) that the staffingmeets the needs of seafarer management;

(ii) that the personnel within the QMS have received the required education and training and obtained theoretical knowledge, professional skills, andeven seagoing service(if applicable), with the competency and capabilities for continuous performance of theirresponsibilities; and

(iii) that staff members newly employed or assignedto new positions be familiar with postresponsibilities and requirements before working.

Appropriate records shall be established and maintained for the staffing, employment, training and appraisal.


Article 8 Premises, Facilities and Equipments

To ensure the premises, facilities and equipments essential for seafarer management be in conformity with relevant requirements and in good condition, MSAs shall establish documented procedures to control the following processes:

(i) allocation, maintenance, usage and management of premises, facilities and equipments; and

(ii) usage and supplement of consumables; and

(iii) evaluation and usage of the rented premises, facilities and equipments.

MSA shall identify the modifications to the needs for premises, facilities and equipments arising from the change of external or internal requirements and make timely supplement and update to meet the needs of seafarer management development.

Records shall be established and maintained for the management and usage of premises, facilities and equipments.