HUANGHUA: 38° 20' N 117° 53' E

SHIPMASTER'S REPORT: September 2004.

OVERVIEW: The port is a relatively young port, approximately two years old, but a phenomenal amount of construction projects are in progress. The present breakwater extends out to Buoys No. 40 and 41. Extensive offshore activity was observed, as the plan is to extend the breakwater out to Buoys No. 28 and 29.

    There are presently a total of seven berths and the port only exports coal. One general cargo berth has also beenconstructed, but is presently used as a lay-by berth. The port already exports approximately 1,000,000 tonnes per month.

Vessel: Bulk carrier, 48,000 d.w.t.

Cargo Loaded: 43,565 tonnes of bulk coal.

CHARTS: BA Chart No. 1250. Chinese Chart No. 11781.