• Two proposals submitted by Guangzhou MSA were approved by IMO

    From February 27 to March 3, the ninth session of the Sub-Committee on Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) was held in hybrid format. Two proposals submitted by Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) were successfully approved at the meeting, and were affirmed and supported by the chairman and delegations from Member States. 
    Considering the hot spots of IMO research and the interests of all parties of China’s shipping industry, Guangzhou MSA submitted Comments on documents SSE 8/15/2 and SSE 9/14/3 and Proposal to include the output on "Amendments to SOLAS chapter III and chapter IV of the LSA Code to require the carriage of self-righting or canopied reversible liferafts for new ships" in the provisional agenda for SSE 10. Both proposals won the supports of many Member States, International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).
    A total of 20 agenda items were set at the meeting, and 49 proposals were received, of which 13 were from China, ranking first among IMO member states. In recent years, Guangzhou MSA has taken an active part in international maritime compliance, vigorously cultivated international maritime compliance talents, led and participated in the compilation of 7 proposals which have been adopted. These initiatives have shared Guangzhou's experience and contributed Guangzhou's wisdom to China's integration into international maritime rule-making and global maritime governance, and the building of a maritime security community with a shared future.
    In the next step, Guangzhou MSA will continue to upgrade the level of international maritime compliance, take the initiative to serve the major national strategies, and further contribute to the high-quality development of shipping.