• China-Denmark Maritime Talks Held in Beijing

    On the morning of May 18,2023, E Hailiang, Deputy Director General, China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) , and Andres Nordesses, Director of the Danish Maritime Safety Administration, held China Denmark maritime talks at the Ministry of Transport.

    Both sides reported on the performance of ships flying the other party’s flag at the port, reviewed their cooperation over the past three years, discussed and determined bilateral cooperation activities in 2023 and cooperation areas from 2024 to 2027, and exchanged views on the development and future trends of shipping and maritime affairs.
    Nordsese stated that the Danish Maritime Authority attaches great importance to developing friendly cooperative relations with China MSA. Currently, the development of the shipping industry is facing a series of new challenges such as greening, digitization, and the application of new technologies. It is even more necessary for both parties to strengthen communication, expand work ideas, and jointly respond. It is hoped to continue to carry out exchanges and communications in Port State Control, maritime investigation, electronic certificate application, maritime supervision of offshore wind power, ship greenhouse gas emission reduction and other fields, so as to promote the deepening and implementation of maritime cooperation between the two sides in the future.

    E Hailiang welcomed the visit of Nordesses, and said that in the past few years, despite the impact of the COVID-19, the two sides could not hold on-site talks, they still actively carried out a series of practical and effective maritime technology exchange and cooperation activities through online means. China and Denmark are both large flag states and hope to maintain the existing good cooperation momentum, continue to strengthen cooperation in areas of common interest, improve the quality of both sides’ fleets, reduce maritime accidents, and provide strong support for promoting the new development of the global shipping industry that is safe, green, intelligent, and resilient.
    The heads of the International Organization Division, International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Transport, and the relevant departments of China MSA, as well as officials from the Danish Embassy in China, attended the meeting.