• The 12th China-Singapore Maritime Senior Officials’ Meeting Was Held in Beijing

    On the morning of June 12,2023,Xu Chun, Deputy Director General, China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA), and Zhang Yingzhi, Director of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), held the 12th China-Singapore Maritime Senior Officials’ Meeting in Beijing.
    Zhang Yingzhi said that Singapore MPA attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation with China MSA. Previously, the two sides had achieved satisfactory results in the promotion and application of electronic certificates for seafarers and ships, Port State Control, Malacca-Singapore Strait Strait affairs and other aspects of cooperation. We hope that both sides can continuously expand the scope and depth of cooperation, and jointly address a series of new challenges facing the current development of the shipping industry. In addition, he also said that he received the invitation of the Global Sustainable Transport Forum (2023) conveyed by China MSA, and he was very grateful for China’s hospitality and confirmation of attendance. Xu Chun welcomed Zhang Yingzhi’s delegation to visit and stated that China and Singapore are both flag countries, maintaining good cooperation at different levels and occasions. He looked forward to deepening exchanges and cooperation with MPA, providing strong support and guarantees for promoting the new development of the global shipping industry that is safe, green, intelligent, and resilient.
    The two sides exchanged in-depth views on issues such as China-Singapore cooperation in electronic certificates for seafarers and ships, cooperation in Port State Control, best practices in maritime management, navigation safety and cooperation in the Malacca-Singapore Strait, green and digital shipping, implementation of the International Safety Management Rules, and cooperation in methanol injection standards. Heads of relevant departments of China MSA attended the meeting.