• Supplementary Notice on the Implementation of Regime of Agreement for Ship Pollution Response

    In order to effectively implement the Regime of Agreement for Ship Pollution Response, and regulate the management of ship pollution response organizations, and in accordance with Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Emergency Preparedness and Response on Marine Environment Pollution from Ships (Hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) and Detailed Rules of the Regime for Ship Pollution Response Agreement (Hereinafter referred to as the Detailed Rules), the Supplementary Notice of the Regime of Ship Pollution Response Agreement is developed as follows:

    4 Requirements for the Agent to SignShip Pollution Response Agreement

    The signees on behalf of ship operator to the Ship Pollution Response Agreement shall conform to Article 18 of the Detailed Rules. For ships calling several ports of China, the agent authorized by shipowner(s) may sign Ship Pollution Response Agreement with the ship pollution response organizations in each port. The ship pollution response organization may represent its branches or chain institutions to provide package service for pollution response as well. The agent authorized by shipowner(s) shall submit the evidence of authorization to China Maritime Safety Administration (Hereinafter referred to as "China MSA"). Where ship pollution response organizations sign the agreement on behalf of their branches or chain institutions, they shall provide supporting documents to China MSA. Under any circumstances, the qualified ship pollution response organizations and the ships shall take up the main liabilities of the agreement.

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