• “HAIXN 01” Anchoring at Fremantle Port against Superstorm

    “HAIXN 01” was berthing at anchorage of Fremantle Port during carrying out search for MH 370 in recent days. In the evening of August 17, Fremantle Port suffered the strongest storm since the beginning of the winter and the wind scale reached Grade 12 with the speed far beyond weather forecast.

    At 20:30 pm, “HAIXN 01” entered into emergency state. First, wheel house on duty; keep VHF on channels all the time and pay more attention to the anchor position. Second, inspect the whole ship; close all windows and doors and ensure the water tightness. Third, check the anchorage and stress conditionof anchor cables. Fourth, engine department was on standby to deal with emergency state.

    At 21:00 pm, the urgent notice was released that the cable breakage happened in three large ships. Then “HAIXN 01” informed the Chinese survey ship “ZHUKEZHEN” to keep close attention to the state of ships out of control and strengthen cable inspection.

    After squally weather conditions for all night, the wind scale of anchorage was still at Grade 8. “HAIXN 01” and “ZHUKEZHEN” were at a normal state after inspection.