• First Domestic “Sea Tumbler” will Join Lianyungang MSA

    First Domestic Haixun 06117, which has the reputation of “sea tumbler”will join Lianyungang Maritime Safety Administration People’s Republic of China (MSA).

    On Sep. 23, 2014, the Chinese search and rescue vessel Haixun 06117 built by Zhuhai Jieteng (Lianyungang) Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. completed the turn-over experiment successfully. The vessel has a good capability of auto-righting, which is known as “sea tumbler”. Haixun 06117 is a new patrol vessel of Lianyungang MSA, with 17 meters long, 4.95 meters wide, 2.32 meters deep, 1.3 meters draft and 30 knots speed. It will enhance the ability of emergency-handling and rescuing on the severe weather.