• Haixun 01 returns from long search for MH370

    Chinese patrol ship Haixun 01, which joined in the search for the missing Malaysian airline flight MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean of the west of Australia, returned to its base port in Shanghai on October 12. On behalf of the CPC, vice minister of transport He Jianzhong together with Minister Yang Chuantang met and greeted these front-line crews at the port.

    Mr. He Jianzhong said the search personnel on the ship braved severe sea conditions and conducted their search in a highly responsible and diligent manner. He expressed sincere greetings and high respect to all the crew members attending the search for MH370.

    Since the search started on March 10, Haixun 01 has been attending the search work for 216 days and has traveled 22,371 nautical miles, which has broken many records in the nation's maritime search and rescue work in time duration and mileage.

    Official data showed China sent out 19 ships, eight helicopters and five fixed-wing planes in the search, after the MH370 flight went missing early on March 8. Chinese search forces used multiple technologies such as satellites and deep-water equipment for three-dimensional search of the flight, while keeping close cooperation with Malaysia and Australia's search forces.

    To date, the MH370 flight search has been led by Dutch firm Furgo. Chinese authorities said they will continue to send personnel to Australia to assist in the search.