• NGCN Opened English NAVTEX Service in Tianjin

    Under the approval of The Radio Leadership Team Office and China MSA under Ministry of Transport, the Navigation Guarantee Center of North China Sea (NGCN) has opened English NAVTEX service in Tianjin Coastal Station.

    English NAVTEX service is an important part of Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). China has set up five English NAVTEX broadcast station in Sanya, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Shanghai and Dalian, which has offered large amount of navigational safety information for international and domestic ships and played an important role to ensure navigational safety of ships.

    The opening of English NAVTEX service in Tianjin Costal Station has expanded the communication functions of NGCN, compiled with the rapid development of economic integration in Beijing and Tianjin, and Hebei and also the very concrete reflection of the full time domain and multiple dimension navigation support strategy.

    Tianjin Costal Station broadcast navigational safety information in Hebei MSA and Tianjin MSA, which will effectively increase the completeness of safety information in North China sea area and release the broadcast pressure of Dalian Costal Station to ensure complete broadcast within the fixed time and reduce the disturb from other costal stations around.