• Beidou Navigation System Formally Included in IMO’’s Worldwide Radionavigation System

    The IMO's Maritime Safety Committee held its 94th session Nov 17-21 in London.Representatives of China Ministry of Transport were present at the conference, promised the service performance, operating and maintenance management requirements of Beidou navigation system and introduced application policies of the system in international maritime field to the IMO.

    The committee reviewed and passed a key document known as a commitment letter of navigation safety for the Beidou system, which symbolized that Beidou navigation system has been formally included in the Worldwide Radionavigation System and becomes the third system to gain such acceptance after the United States' Global Positioning System and Russia's Global Navigation Satellite System. It is also the first time the Beidou system's standards have been ratified by an international organization, which is described as "a milestone" in its efforts to promote the system overseas that will provide a foundation for Beidou's use in global maritime operations.

    It is reported that after the IMO’s acceptance, China will continue to promote the formulation and amendment of application standard and guidance of Beidou System in other international technological organizations such as IEC, IALA, RTCM, ITU and etc. so as to realize comprehensive application of Beidou System in international maritime field.