• Nanhaijiu 101 assist search for black box of AirAsia plane

    In response to requests made by Indonesia, on Jan.5, Ministry of Transport sent out salvage vessel “Nanhaijiu 101” to assist searching for black box of AirAsia plane. Expert team of Tianjin Rearch Institute for Water Transport Engineering, MOT also joined the searching task with detection equipment.

    Ministry of Transport paid high attention to AirAsia plane crash. China Maritime Search and Rescue Center has established communication with Indonesia Maritime Search and Rescue Center for timely updating searching condition. The salvage vessel was expected to arrive at task sea area in Jan.9. In addition, Ministry of Transport also ordered “Nanhaijiu 115” to standby at Yongxing Island area for support.

    The highly accurate equipment taken by the expert team can efficiently guide search, exploring the exact direction of plane wreckages and black box.