• Lianyungang Realized the Nationalization of Maritime VTS System

    On July 16, expert group of Maritime Safety Administration of the People’s Republic of China conducted the SAT on Lianyungang VTS reconstruction and extension of Jiangsu MSA. The expert group considered the VTS system functional, operational, with rational construction, comprehensively equipped and function and indicator basically meeting the operational and technical requirement of vessel traffic management in the covered area. The test result of system resolution, system target detection, system positional accuracy, system tracking accuracy and system traceability met the requirements of design and practical work, showing the success of SAT. It signified the maritime VTS system developed by China would be used in maritime controlling, breaking the technological monopoly of foreign manufacturers.

    In recent years, with the coastal development strategy in Jiangsu Province turning into national strategy, some port areas speeded up in development, causing the increasing pressure on maritime transport safety supervision. To adjust the new port area development and the requirement on safety supervision and to making up the shortage in the VTS covering area and guaranteeing Lianyungang MSA performing duties effectively as well as ensuring the maritime transport safety, the VTS reconstruction and expansion program in Lianyungang was implemented, approved by the Comprehensive Planning Department of Ministry of Transport. The VTS system is PRIDE VTS 1000. The VTS reconstruction and expansion program broke the long-term monopoly by foreign manufacturers, promoting the nationalization in China maritime VTS system greatly.