• Day of the Seafarer 2016 Events in China


    During the Day of the Seafarer 2016 celebration campaign co-organized by China Maritime Safety Administration and Chinese Seamen & Construction Workers’ Union, 10 seafarers who outstand themselves of 1,370,000 Chinese seafarers are awarded in the event of ‘Extraordinary Seafarers in China’. However, the fact is that they are not the Top 10 seafarers in any context, but quite ordinary ones among the extraordinary maritime populations, including China’s first female Chief Engineer serving on ocean-going vessels whodedicated her whole career life to navigation, a young Chief Stewardess, a brave Captain serving on salvage vessels, and an experienced Bosun serving on bulk carriers, etc. One common reason for them to be awarded as extraordinary ones is that, they all the way respect and contribute to their maritime vocations when travelling to the four corners of the earth. The event is also supported by China COSCO Shipping Group, China Shipowners Association, China Communication Press and the Workers Press.


    On the Day of 25 June 2016, the Minister of Transport, Mr. YANG Chuantang posts a greeting message on social media to pay tribute to all Chinese seafarers on behalf of Chinese government. China Maritime Safety Administration also launches a series of celebrating activities, including publishing Annual Report of Chinese Seafarers Development 2015, organizing bunting decorations on vessels and encouraging seafarers to tell their own stories to the public, etc. to promote seafarers’ value and raise social awareness of seafarers’ contributions. Chinese Embassies and Consulates join in the celebration on the same day to visit and extend their regards to seafarers serving on China-flagged vessels calling local nearby ports.