• China Delegation Attended the 35th ASEAN Maritime Transport Working Group Meeting

          From Feb.27 to Mar.1,2018, the 35th ASEAN Maritime Transport Working Group Meeting was held in Singapore. Delegates from the ten ASEAN countries, ASEAN dialogue partners such as China, Japan, Korea and India, IMO and Asian relevant maritime organizations attended the meeting. Delegates from Maritime Safety Administration of the P.R.C, China Classification Society, Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration, Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration and Shanghai Maritime University participated in the meeting. 

         The discussion was around the implementation of “ASEAN Transport Strategic Plan 2016-2025”, which mainly includes the project plan and progress of ASEAN maritime regional cooperation, construction of single shipping market, safety management cooperation on non-convention ship, etc. On the meeting, China delegation reported the achievements of ASEAN maritime cooperation project in 2017 and introduced the planned maritime technical cooperation project in 2018. Delegation of ASEAN countries expressed their gratitude for China’s providing support in capacity building projects such as transport security cooperation, emergency rescue drill and implementation of ship energy efficiency standard. They hope that China could play a leading role in ASEAN maritime regional cooperation and make new contributions.

         During the meeting, China delegation made in-depth communication with delegations from ASEAN countries to promote the implementation of cooperation projects such as non-convention passenger ship standard training, Lancang-Mekong maritime safety supervision facilities construction and management. China delegation was also invited to visit Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. Discussion was made on ship’s electronic certificate, implementation of BWM convention, flag country cross border security check etc.