• Workshop on Transportation of LNG Tank Container Held in Shanghai

           China MSA-Port of Bintulu authority, MYS workshop on transportation of LNG tank container was held on 23-24 April, 2018 in Shanghai China. The representatives of China MSA, Port of Bintulu authority, Shanghai MSA, CCS, Sinochem International Logistics Ltd., Petronas and other participants attended the workshop. 

           The workshop was centered on the discussion on safety and technology of the new transportation mode-LNG tank container. During the meeting, the representatives of Shanghai MSA and CCS delivered the keynote speech of “Transportation demand for DG containers”; “Norms and regulations of transportation and operation of LNG tank container” and “Port operation and control of LNG tank container” respectively. Besides, a further discussion was carried out on the subjects regarding transportation safety, present situation, etc.


            The representatives also paid a visit to Wuhaogou LNG terminal and the 4th container terminal and came to watch the process of LNG tank container filling and the operation of DG container terminal. 


            After the workshop, the deputy general manager Zakhir Khan Bin Yusop of Port of Bintulu authority highly praised the workshop organized by China MSA. Meanwhile, he expressed his gratitude for Shanghai MSA, CCS and other participants. 

            Due to lack of regulatory experience of tank container transportation, the port of Bintulu authority hopes to keep in touch with the Chinese representatives and closely cooperate concerning LNG tank container transportation. On the other hand, China MSA would take the opportunity of the workshop to further promote not only the security cooperation with the port of Bintulu authority and relevant departments, but also the convenience of carriage of goods by sea between Malaysia and China.