• China Celebrated the 8th Day of Seafarers

        25 June 2018 was the 8th Day of Seafarers under the theme of "Seafarers Wellbeing". China held a series of celebrating activities, including an open letter for all seafarers by Mr. Li Xiaopeng, Minister of Transport of China on the exact day, full dress of flags on all the Chinese ships as well as on-board greeting activities presented by Chinese Embassies abroad. In addition, Maritime Safety Administration of MOT announced the 5th list of convenient services for seafarers, and jointly held the “Media Going into the Seafarers’ World” with Chinese Seaman & Construction Workers’ Union. Moreover, several celebrating events were held in major ports of China as well.

        The Ministry of Transport of China published Annual Report of Chinese Seafarers Development 2017 (White Paper)on the Day of Seafarers, which introduced the development status of Chinese seafarers and systematically indicated the development policy and employment situation of the seafarers, providing references for better understanding and supporting seafarers’ career by the public.

       Moreover, "Chinese Seafarers Career Happiness Index" has been released in Dalian Maritime University on 25 June. The index serves as an ongoing study into how those at sea feel about a range of key areas which impact them on a daily basis and it has been launched so as to bridge the knowledge gap about seafarers’ life at sea. The feedback provides a blueprint for the needed improvements, the aim being enhancing seafarers’ work and life conditions so as to boost their performance and avoid potential accidents, among other things.

       25th of June is only once a year. We all have to consider what happens during the rest of the year and take proactive steps to support seafarers’tough job! Let’s bear in mind that seafarers are the driving force of an industry on which everyone, everywhere relies for the goods we all need and want.