• IMO workshop promotes secure shipping in Asia


         Shipping forms the backbone of world trade, transporting around 80% of global trade by volume. No other method of mass transportation is as cost-effective or fuel-efficient. Each day, around 50,000 merchant ships deliver the things people need and want – from food, to clothes, fuel, raw materials, electronics, medication and more. The security of maritime trade is therefore paramount to people all over the world.

         One way in which IMO supports maritime security is through targeted workshops supporting countries to implement IMO measures. The latest of these events, on maritime and port security for Asian countries, took place in Ningbo, China (23-27 July). More than 50 participants representing port and designated authorities and other national agencies from Asian countries were in attendance.

         The main aims of the workshop were to i( review implementation of maritime security in the region and evaluate new or evolving threats; ii) promote cooperation between port and designated authorities of participating countries through discussion and sharing experiences and best practices related to maritime security; iii(identify challenges to ships, ports and people for the purpose of facilitating and forging secure and efficient maritime transportation; and iv)to share best practices, experiences and recommendations.

         The sub-regional workshop was organized in collaboration with the Maritime Safety Administration of the People’s Republic of China (China MSA). IMO was represented by Javier Yasnikouski and Yuji Okugawa.

         Additionally, a special session under the theme “Connecting ships, ports and people” was held on 26 July, with additional national participants. The session was intended to strengthen cooperation across all maritime sectors, driven by policy, strategy and technological innovation, in order to forge a secure and efficient maritime transportation sector.