• The 1st activity of Simulating IMO Meeting was Successfully Held

    On the morning of December 15, DMU International Students’ Education Center successfully held the 1st activity of Simulating IMO Meeting which is the integral practical part and the assessment of the course of Global Maritime Governance: IMO and Maritime Conventions, one brand course of ISEC. The Meeting aims to practice the course principle and maritime conventions. Guided by Professor Zhang Renping, 60 international students from 29 countries participated; through one month’s preparation and 3 rehearsals, the meeting was a big success and acquired praises from both Chinese and oversea experts. Lim Jize, IMO secretary-general, also sent congratulations by video to the activity.

    Global Maritime Governance: IMO and Maritime Conventions is a compulsory course for international graduate students. This course aims to help overseas postgraduates know the structure of the International Maritime Organization(IMO)and its functions, familiarise with the maritime conventions in safety, security and marine pollution prevention adopted by the IMO, understand the principal procedures maritime legal regime, further understand the leading roles that IMO and its member States play in the development of maritime conventions and regulations.

    As an extension of the course, the meeting focused on the topic of "Safe, Secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans” discussing hot issues around Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships. The Meeting strictly conformed to IMO standard meeting agenda including opening declaration, president election, delivering speeches, proposal submission, raising solutions, feedback and comments, and closing speeches. During the delegation‘s visit, President Aladar Bogar Rodriguez Diaz of International Maritime University of Panama also attended the Model IMO Meeting and delivered a speech.

    The Meeting invited many experts forming judges – Xie Hui, director of International Affairs of the Maritime Safety Administration, Ministry of Transport of China, Prof. Aldo Chircop of Canada Research Chair in Maritime Law and Policy at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University, Professor Zhang Duo of  International Maritime Convention Institute of Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners’ College, and Proshanto K. Mukherjee,Professor of Law of Dalian Maritime University and Emeritus Professor of Maritime Law and Policy, World Maritime University. These experts offered professional comments on students’ performance and awarded prizes to related students and groups. Best Speaker was awarded to Palestine representative, and Best Proposal went to Pakistan Group.

    With the aim of having students better understand the latest maritime knowledge, International Students’ Education Center in recent years opened related new courses and a series of lectures among which Global Maritime Governance: IMO and Maritime Conventions is a popular one. This Meeting not only enriches teaching content, but also combines teaching and practice and arouse students’ interest in maritime issues. Also, this practice is in line with One Belt One Road Initiative in involving more international students in the causes of maritime safety and environmental protection as well as contributes a part to realize the goal of peace and development.


    On May 14, 2017, during Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Li Xiaopeng, minister of Ministry of Transport, and Lim Jize, IMO secretary-general, jointly signed Letter of Intent: 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Promoting the Implementation of IMO Documents between Ministry of Transport(PRC)and IMO. The two sides would strengthen cooperation and help developing countries with the cultivation of maritime talents and competence development.