The 69th session of the IALA Council took place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands from 18 to 21 June 2019.

    The Council decided to keep “Marine Aids to Navigation – Successful Voyages, Sustainable Planet” as the theme for the WAtoN Day in the coming years.

    The Council approved guideline G1144 – Promulgating the Requirements of a VTS to Mariners – A VTS Users Guide Template.

    This is the first time that China has proposed a work project at IALA and served as the chairman of the working group. Based on China’s experience, it has realized the transition from tracking research to leading rules formulation, and achieved China’s “zero breakthrough” in the standardization of the international maritime field.

    April showers bring May flowers. No victory comes out without price. Behind this breakthrough,it is the concrete manifestation of the implementation of the requirements for the promotion of discourse rights in international affairs by the Maritime Safety Administration of the Ministry of Transport. It is the result of the guidance and support of leaders at all levels and is the result of the collective hard work of the technical team.