• China Outlines Intelligent Shipping Development Plan

    The Chinese central government has announced the issue of guidelines to promote intelligent shipping development of the nation.

    The guidelines aim to promote the integration of modern information technology, artificial intelligence and other innovative and high technology with shipping sector to develop the intelligent shipping industry. 

    Seven government departments jointly issued the plan include the Ministry of Transport, Cyberspace Administration, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Finance.

    According to the plan, China expects to complete the top-level strategy design for intelligent shipping development by the end of 2020. It then aims to make breakthroughs on the key technologies of intelligent shipping and become a global intelligent shipping development and innovation centre by 2025. 

    Beyond that it aims to further improve intelligent shipping service, safety, environment protection level and efficiency by 2035, and establish a high quality intelligent shipping system by 2050.

    The guidelines listed several key tasks, including strengthening strategy design, improve information and intelligence of port and shipping infrastructure, promoting application of intelligent ship technology, encouraging technology innovation, speeding up security system construction, improving design and construction ability for intelligent shipping equipment and facility, developing new service models, strengthening risks monitoring and prevention, strengthening regulation implementation and cultivating more talents.