• China MSA Held Video Meeting with the Director-General of the Danish Maritime Authority

    On December 17, 2020, Cao Desheng, Director General, China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA)met with the Director General of Danish Maritime Authority, Andreas Nordseth via video link.

           2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Denmark. At the meeting, the two sides first reviewed the implementation of the Maritime Cooperation Work Plan between the China MSA and the Danish Maritime Authority, fully affirmed the achievements of cooperation, and were happy to see it included in the list of achievements of strategic cooperation between China and Denmark. In particular, through close contact and cooperation, the two sides successfully handled a number of COVID-19 outbreaks on board ships, after which the two sides exchanged information on the epidemic prevention and control in the maritime field, shared their work in helping shipping enterprises and providing convenience for ships and seafarers, and made in-depth discussions on the guarantee of crew shift, aid for infected seafarers, maintenance of ship operation and navigation safety. In addition, the two sides also exchanged views on the cooperation of international shipping greenhouse gas emission reduction, saying that they will jointly promote the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to establish a scientific and pragmatic emission reduction mechanism, further the objective of shipping emission reduction, and better meet the challenges of climate change.

    Andreas Nordseth pointed out that the great achievements of anti-epidemic in Chinawere obvious to all, and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the China MSA for its great assistance to Danish shipping enterprises, ships and seafarers. He said that Danish Maritime Authority attached great importance to and cherishes the friendly cooperative relationship established with China MSA, and will also spare no effort to provide support to Chinese shipping enterprises, ships and seafarers in Danish waters.

    Cao Desheng said that both China and Denmark are members of IMO, and also important shipping countries. The maritime authorities of the two countries have maintained good relations for a long time with extensive and fruitful cooperation. In the current situation that offline meetings are difficult to achieve, the two sides can continue to maintain active, smooth and effective communication and coordination through various channels, carry out closer cooperation, work together to deal with the huge impact of the epidemic on shipping development and global logistics supply chain stability,and promote the healthy and sustainable development of global shipping. At the same time, he expressed his expectation and sincere wish that Denmark will conquer the epidemic as soon as possible.

    At the meeting, the two sides also agreed to set up a taskforce to continue to study the implementation and improvement of the Maritime Cooperation Work Plan and scientifically identify the specific projects for the next-step cooperation between the two sides.

    Heads from related departments of China MSA and officials from Danish embassy in China attended the meeting.