• China Maritime Safety Administration Attended the International Safety@Sea Webinar Series

    On November30,2020, the International Safety@Sea Webinar Series organised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore&(MPA) was inauguated. Approximately 2,100 representatives from maritime authorities, international organizations, and shipping companies from 65 countries around the world participated in this event. Dr.Cao Desheng, Director General, China Maritime Safety Administration (MSA)delivered a keynote speech entitled “Strengthening Cooperation among Maritime Community and Working Together in Addressing New Challenges on Maritime Safety”.

           This year’s  theme is “Maritime Safety: New Normal, New Paradigms”. It is an annual platform for MPA to engage members of the international maritime community and top practitioners to raise awareness and exchange views on maritime safety.

    The Opening Session was opened by Mr. Chee Hong Tat, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Transport, Singapore. Dr.Cao Desheng, Dr. Heike Deggim, Director of Maritime Safety Division at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Mr. Esben Poulsson, Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping(ICS) delivered keynote speeches.

    Dr.Cao Desheng pointed out COVID-19 continues to ravage the world, posing great challenges to global maritime governance, shipping sustainable development and maritime safety, which have affected seafarers, ships and safety management of shipping companies. The maritime community should address these issues together.

    China Maritime Safety Administration is ready to share practices in protecting seafarers’ mental and physical health, promoting crew change and providing facilitation for shipping companies. In view of new challenges, all stakeholders in the maritime community should strengthen cooperation, innovate technologies and supervision mode, develop containment measures for international seafarers and prevent COVID-19 from spreading to ships, protect seafarers’ rights and interests and promote digitalization in the shipping industry so as to ensure maritime safety and international supply chain connectivity.

    Mr.Yang Xinzhai,Deputy Director General, China MSA participated in the panel discussion at the event and exchanged China MSA’s experience and practices in strengthening maritime safety and ensuring the smooth of international logistics supply chains, and responded to the participants’ questions on seafarers’ welfare and application of new technology to enhance maritime safety, crew change, enhancing seafarers’ career attractiveness, and strengthening cooperation during the epidemic.

    The three live webcast plenary sessions on 1 December 2020 will discuss:

    Mental Health & Wellness: Helping Seafarers Cope Better During a Pandemic

    Ship Safety: Reflecting on Incidents, Causality and the Way Forward

           Ship Management: Lessons Learnt for Safety & Standards in the New Normal