DALIAN: 38° 55' N 121° 40' E                                                      

PORT LIMITS: The new harbour limits of the Port of Dalian are from the Huangbaizui Lighthouse (Lat. 38° 54' 14" N., Long. 121° 42' 54" E.), then it passes through Dasanshan Lighthouse (Lat. 38° 51' 50" N., Long. 121° 49' 29" E.) and then Xianjiao Light Beacon (Lat. 38° 57' 49" N., Long. 121° 59'11" E.) and ends at Shayuzui (Lat. 39° 01' 51" N., Long. 121° 57' 42" E.).

    DOCUMENTS: Port Facilities: Joint inspection upon vessel's arrival ceased in 1995.

    The Quarantine Officer and Boarding Agent will go onboard first. Free pratique will be granted soon after their boarding. The Boarding Agent will collect all necessary documents and papers for Harbour Master, Customs and Immigration. The officers from "Animal and Plant Quarantine" will check the vessel at same time. The officers from Harbour Master will come onboard to check the Oil Record Book during ship's stay.

    Before sailing, the Boarding Agent will collect necessary papers and obtain clearance from Immigration, Customs and Harbour Master, and will give Master "Port Clearance" issued by Harbour Master.