TIANJIN XINGANG (Hsingkang), including Tanggu and Xiang Jiang: 38°59'N 117°45' E

OVERVIEW: Tianjin Xingang (Tianjin New Port) has 62 berths, of which 47 are for vessels greater than 10,000 d.w.t.

LOCATION: On the estuary of the Haihe River to the west of the Bohai Gulf in central eastern China. It is one of the country's hub ports and is 72 miles from Beijing.

MAX. SIZE: Bulk: 100,000 d.w.t., depth 16.3 m.

    Container: 50,000 d.w.t., depth 13.6 m.

    LPG: 20,000 d.w.t., depth 10.1 m.

    Passenger: 10,000 d.w.t., depth 8.5 m.

    Ro-Ro: 10,000 d.w.t., depth 8.5 m.

    Tankers: 50,000 d.w.t., depth 12.7 m.

    Draft limitation in channel is 11.0 m.