WUHAN, including Hankou: 30°34' N 114°17' E                 

MAX. SIZE: Draft limitation in the channel:

    November - March: 4.5 m.

    April - October: 8.0 m.

RESTRICTIONS: Berthing and unberthing in daylight hours only.

    Draft is restricted to 9.5 m. as vessels have to cross a bar at the mouth of the Chang Jiang River.

PILOTAGE: Pilot boards at Qing Shan Xia Anchorage. Pilot available from 0800 hrs. until 1800 hrs.

ANCHORAGES: Qing Shan Xia Anchorage suitable for vessels up to 35,000 d.w.t. Depth of water 7.0 m. - 15.0 m.

VHF: Port on Channel 16 throughout 24 hours.

TUGS: Available.