WUHU:31°22' N  118°22' E

RESTRICTIONS: Entry and departure throughout 24 hours.

    Draft limitation in the channel in dry season is 6.1 m.

    Tidal Range: Maximum 4.36 m. Minimum 0.10 m.

PILOTAGE: Pilotage is undertaken from 0800 hrs. - 1700 hrs., and Pilot boards vessel at Pilot Station.

ANCHORAGES: Anchorage No. 1 at Wuhu Port has a depth of 8.0 m. -12.0 m. The bottom is mud and sand. The anchorage can accept vessels of 10,000 d.w.t. - 15,000 d.w.t.

VHF: Port on Channel 6 throughout 24 hours.                                  ,

TUGS: 7 tugs up to 980 h.p.