QINGDAO(Huangdao): 36°04'N 120°19' E                       

DOCUMENTS: See "Dalian".

MAX. SIZE: LOA 265 m., beam 39.0 m. and draft 14.0 m.

    Tankers: Draft 20.5 m.

    Containers: Super post-Panamax, draft 14.2 m.

RESTRICTIONS: Harbour manoeuvring speed: 10 knots.

    Tidal range: Max. 4.75 m., average 2.78 m.

    Possibility of entry or sailing after sunset: Possible.

    Masters are strongly recommended to delay vessel's movements (Entry or sailing) if the visibility is poor.

PILOTAGE: Available throughout 24 hours. Pilots will board at the pilot station.