YINGKOU, including Ba Yu Quan: 40°41'N 122°15' E  


OVERVIEW: Yingkou port has jurisdiction over both Yingkou Old Port and Ba Yu Quan New Port. It is the second largest port in NE China with a design capacity of 13.82 million tons.

Ba Yu Quan deep-water port is navigable throughout the year, and has 8 km. of coastline, with small waves and no silt. Port handles minerals, grain, coal, steel products, timber, oil tar and roll-loading automobiles and has pipeline and rail connections. It is the nearest foreign trade seaport for NE China and eastern Inner Mongolia.

Exports: Maize, steel, wood, magnesium and containers.

Imports: Ores, fertiliser, cars, general cargo and containers.

Communications: Connections to Shenda Expressway, Hada Highway and Changda railway. Shenyang 210 km. north; Dalian 190 km. south.


LOCATION: On NW Liaodong Peninsula.

Yingkou Working District: Lat. 40°41' N, Long. 122°15' E

Ba Yu Quan Working District: Lat. 40°17' N, Long. 122°06' E.

Yingkou Old Port is located at the entrance of Hun, Tai and Liao Rivers.

Ba Yu Quan port is located in the Liaodong Bay of Bohai Sea.


CHARTS: BA Chart No. 1256, 1249, 2991 and 1262.