ZHANJIANG (Tsamkong): 21°11'N 110°24' E          

MAX. SIZE: The draft limitation in the Channel is 9.5 m.

Tidal Range: Maximum 4.51 m., minimum 0.70 m.

RESTRICTIONS: Vessels may enter and sail after sunset.

PILOTAGE: Pilotage is compulsory and is undertaken day and night.

ANCHORAGES: The anchorage is located between the following positions, Lat. 21°11'36" N., Long. 110°25'17"E. and Lat. 21°04'55" N., Long. 110°33'20" E. The depth in the anchorage is 15 - 35 m. and the bottom is sand and mud. Vessels up to 100,000 d.w.t. may use the anchorage.

VHF: Zhanjiang Radio is on Channel 16 throughout 24 hours.